Rabbi Tank, foreign affairs of the World Jewish Confederation (NY) and a member of the department of religious leaders at the White House’s executive office in Washington DC, gave an interview yesterday, November 3, election day 2020 presidential election in the United States.

Rabbi Tank, should we pray for the president?

Well, Rabbi Menachem Meiri, the great Spanish rabbi and Maimonedian wrote that prayer for the government is not a recommendation, but it is mandatory.

It is worth mentioning a Jewish study found in the book by Pirkei Avot (Book of Ethics) Chapter 2, section 2, quoting Rabban Gamliel:

“Watch out for government officials, as they make friends with someone just for their own benefit; they act amicably when it benefits them, but they don’t support anyone when they need it ”.

But how should we pray?

One of the most important things about prayer is knowing why you are praying. The truth is that while prayer can be inspiring, it also takes effort.

There should be nothing more exciting than having a private audience with G-d, where we can open up to Him and tell Him our innermost thoughts. On the other hand, it takes some effort to understand exactly what prayer is about and to increase our concentration to really connect with God in prayer.

Rabbi Tank ends the meeting with a prayer:

“Our G-d and G-d of our ancestors: Accept with mercy our prayer for our land and its government. Pour your blessing on this land, on your president (elected or re-elected), judges, officers and officials, who work faithfully for the public good. May Gd place it in their hearts and in the hearts of all their advisers who do good to us and to other nations, Amen “.

May G-d answer all of our prayers with His kindness and mercy and may G-d bless America.


Rabbi W.Tank



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