“Habet Mishamayim” interpreted by Ezzy Duchman

W4M Studios  2010

Produced and Directed by Ovadiah tank


Habet, mishamayim ureay, 

(look down from heaven and see)

KI hayinu laag vakeles bagoyim 

(because we have been mistreated by the goyim)

Necheshavnu katzon, latevach yuval, 

(we have been considered like sheep brought to slaughter)

Laharog uleabed, ulimaka ulicherpa… 

(to kill and wipe out, hit and shame)

Uvechal uvechal zos, uvechal zos 

(but despite all of this)

Uvechal uvechal zos shimcha lo shachachnu 

(We have not forgotten Your Name)

Uy na al tishkacheinu 

(Please don’t forget us)


“It is the most beatiful song, that despite the long and difficult galus that we are in, no matter how much we are killed and tortured, we always turn to Hashem”.


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