The Amazing Massive concert of Chol Hamoed!
Brooklyn College – Sat. Eve. April 15, 9:50pm
Also starring Yoeli Greenfeld
New Singing Sensation Uri Davidi

Celebrating Yerachmiel Begun & The Miami Boys Choir 40th Anniversary (1977-2017), Shirainu Events brings you one of the grandest Chol Hamoed shows ever!
MIAMI – The Classics & Beyond; will be featuring the major hits from the Miami classic years of 1984 – 1995. All done in their original form on the albums and original choreography …. but adapted to the MIAMI stage presentation of today’s shows. Plus Beyond……

The one and only 8th Day, coming off their new hit album Slow Down! will also be featuring their famous hits as well as joining MIAMI (first time ever) for a great finale.

Yoeli Greenfeld, coming off his new BEATS album, will grace the stage. Uri Dovidi, the new singing sensation will be singing also from his new upcoming album. Music by The Shirainu Orchestra.

Get your tickets now for what promises to be a major sell out show! This will be the only Chol Hamoed Brooklyn night show for MIAMI & 8TH DAY.

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