After checking in at 2:30am to their hotel room at the Grand Beach Hotel in Surfside, Florida, this Jewish couple from New York along with their 12-year old daughter and 11-month old infant were taken aback at the discovery of Nazi swastika symbols drawn on the side of their baby’s mattress supplied by the hotel.

“I spoke to the mother who discovered these Nazi symbols on her daughter’s mattress,” said former New York state assemblyman and chairman of the Coalition for a Positive America, Dov Hikind.

“Mortified, petrified, shocked, there aren’t enough adjectives to describe the feeling of finding a hate symbol on your child’s bed. The hotel has answering to do towards this family: How could this happen in a high-end hotel? Who’s responsible? Was this the work of another guest or in-house employee? The family deserves to get some answers.”


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