As Operation Northern Shield continues, the IDF says they have exposed a fourth terror tunnel built by Hezbollah, connecting from Southern Lebanon to Northern Israel, to be used by Hezbollah soldiers in an attack against Israel.

The operation, which began on 26 Kislev 5779, was launched to detect and destroy Hezbollah tunnels. On Sunday, 8 Teves, the IDF announced finding a fourth tunnel. In the IDF Spokesman’s statement to the media, it said, the tunnel is now under IDF control and it no longer poses any threat.

The military said Sunday that it has placed explosives in the tunnel as part of an open-ended operation to identify and destroy the cross-border passageways.

Like the situation when the other tunnels were discovered, the IDF announces anyone found inside places his life in danger. The IDF is currently studying the tunnel’s route, but at present, military officials are not revealing the location of the tunnel, stating “relevant local governments” have been brought up to date.


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