The triple-amputee veteran who started a GoFundMe fundraiser that’s garnered more than $19 million for President Donald Trump’s border wall tried meeting with Speaker pelosi, after she said she would “give one dollar to fund the wall”.

Brian Kolfage started the “We the People Will Fund the Wall” fundraiser, which circulated widely and as of Jan. 5, had raised more than $19 million from more than 320,000 people. Kolfage tried meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), the current leader of the Democratic party. Pelosi has refused to negotiate with Trump over the partial government shutdown, in contrast to the president, who has expressed a willingness to reach a compromise.

“We are going to meet with Nancy Pelosi to collect our one dollar that she said she was going to give toward Trump’s border wall, ” Brian Kolfage says in a Daily Caller video as he rolls along in his wheelchair. “I highly doubt she expected anyone to kind of take her serious and call her out on it, but we’re going to see if she’ll fess up and give us her buck.”

“We’re taking one dollar at a time to build that wall,” he said. In fact, Kolfage’s campaign has raised $19,294,995 of a $1 billion goal from 319,896 people in 20 days.




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