The Massacre Of York

A day like today, 1190, in the English City Of York, there was one of the worst persecution of the Jewish community in all of the middle ages. Was preparing a new crusade to recapture Jerusalem, which gave rise to anti-Semitic riots throughout Europe. In England began shortly after the coronation of the new king, Richard I, who was preparing his departure to the holy land.

The Riots came to York on 16 March. An angry mob, LED by members of the local nobility, low began to attack the houses of the Hebrews. These people that had the legal status of vassals of the king, sought refuge in the castle of the city, where they got to be strong. The Attackers began a siege and Jews at the prospect of being forced to be baptized or die at the hands of the crowd, they chose to kill himself and set fire to the fortress, which was destroyed.

Source: Historyofyork.Org.Uk


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