A 15-year-old chareidi girl from Lod was taken to Assaf HaRofeh Hospital on Thursday afternoon, where she is listed in serious/stable condition, intubated and connected to a respirator.

The girl, Mushka bas Rinat (מושקא בת רינת), ate a chocolate ball in school and had a severe allergic reaction.

According to testimonies, one of the students at the school injected the girl with an EpiPen and the school secretary began mouth to mouth. It was later reported that while the EpiPen would normally alleviate the problem, in her case, the reaction was so severe it did not.

MDA paramedics and EMTs treated the girl and transported her to the hospital. It was learned she is allergic to milk and milk products, hence the severe allergic reaction from the chocolate.

Shortly after her arrival in the hospital, it was reported she was in serious condition after having a “severe allergic reaction”. Doctors stabilized her condition and she remains in an intensive care unit connected to life support.


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