Guatemala on Sunday became the second country in the world to announce the transfer of its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem after the United States.

The president of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, personally announced the decision to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The reasons of the ambassador

“My grandfather was really a fighter for the causes in which he believed there had been injustice,” his granddaughter Carla García Granados would explain years later in the video “The Guatemalan who helped create Israel”, visible on the website of the Israeli embassy in the Central American country.

The returning of the embassy of Guatemala to Jerusalem, capital of Israel.

While the American journalist Irin Carmon highlights the similarities that the Central American diplomat identified between Guatemala and Israel, which he saw as a country that emerged from a “liberation struggle against British imperialism.”

In Guatemala many support the claim of Israel.

Student Visa for Guatemalans Scholarships

Since January 28, the American Jewish College is giving scholarships to Guatemalans who wants to learn Jewish Studies.

Guatemalan students will receive scholarship from the American Jewish College.

The project is called “7 Universal Laws” and the enrollment due date for application is October 3, 2019.

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