Rabbi Ovadiah Tank with his wife Esther at an event at the Israeli embassy in Washington DC.

In an interview with Casa do Brasil the Brazilian Rabbi, Ovadiah Tank, Foreign Relations and International Chaplain of the World Jewish Confederation in Washington DC and professor of American Jewish College in New York, said that even though President Bolsonaro had not resumed diplomacy with Israel, yet Israel would have offered aid as it did on 25 other catastrophic occasions in several countries.

“The essence of the Jewish people is to be light to the world, to enlighten others by being the example to be followed, to always reach out to the needy, the Jewish people carry with them the teaching and duty to always apply Ahavat Israel (love your fellow), to do Mitzvot (good deeds) based always on the study of the Torah (5 books of the law of Moses – Pentateuch) “.

Rabbi Tank, international chaplain of the World Jewish Confederation (USA-Israel) with the American Jewish Soldier Manuel Moldovan.

The Brazilian house also asked about cartoons and anti-Semite news that came out in Brazilian media and the Rabbi responded saying:

“What we learn from the Law of Gd apply freely to the world because not everyone understands His Laws. Gd’s Law limits those who have no understanding, but guide the wise.”

“Anti-Semitism is embedded in the one who has no knowledge of the sacred scriptures. I am open to anyone who wants to study and learn about the history and culture of the Jewish people.” RabbiTank@gmail.com


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