Since the summer Yerachmiel has been slaving away naked in the recording studio. Not literally of course because that would be just weird. But in his long awaited sixth studio album “Off The Derech”, he strips things down to the basics and it is certainly the most raw and real, and emotionally revealing one to date.

This album uniquely combines the secular with the spiritual/religious and celebrates the idea of carving ones own path. It follows a personal journey of love and loss and reclaiming core values and identity while celebrating the simple things in life.

In his own words, “It is a real blessing to birth this into the world. We are now mixing a whopping 21 song album. When most artists today have long forgotten about the art of making a full length album and instead focus on the “big hit”, to me there’s just so much more to say and share, then what a 3 minute pop song could ever possibly express. I invested my heart and soul into this creative endeavour along with every last ounce of savings I have, and now as the last drop of funds have completely run out, I need your help and support to make it to the finish line”.

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