MUSIC: Aaron Holder “Redemption Miles” (LIVE)




Am | Dm | E

I can hear the siren Roaring, from miles away 

It’s calling for redemption, in our daysd1. 

mmhhmmmm mhhhmmmmmmm 

You don’t need no Dan’s Deal ticket, when you’re on redemption miles

Soaring on the backs of eagles, on the way to yerushaliam 

Mhhhhhhhm   Mmmhhhhhmmmmm

When will he come?

People say I might be crazy, or I’m losing my mind

but its those people, who keep us waitin in the line.

Mhhhhhhhm   Mmmhhhhhmmmmm

When will he come?

Believe in a higher power greater than yourself, 

Even when life rough best not cus out the lord

To save a life is to save a world, respecting those will save your soul

Feed your animals before you feed yourself

Sheyibanay bais hamigdash Bmahara viyamaynu 

Aaron Holder – Lead Vox & Guitar

@chan_icoles – Drums

Michael Kates – Piano Guitar

Gordon Clark – Bass

Film footage from Uriel Dunn & Ori Salzberg


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