A horrific tragedy has struck the Los Angeles community on Tuesday, after word spread about the Petira of Mrs Ruchama Applebaum Z”L. She was 55-years-old.

Emergency Personnel were called to her home on Tuesday morning after she did not wake up. Tragically, she had been Niftar in her sleep.

Mrs. Applebaum was the Almanah of HaRav Shevach Applebaum Z”L, who was R”L Niftar from an illness around 5 years ago.

She leaves behind ten children, four of whom are not married – the youngest is 14-years-old.

The Levaya is at 6:30PM on Tuesday night in Los Angeles at 360 North Le Brea at Moshe Ganz Hall. Times for the Levaya in NY and Eretz Yisroel to be announced.

Misaskim in three states – Los Angeles, NYC, Lakewood – have been coordinating this tragedy in many aspects all day.

An emergency fundraising page on The Chesed Fund has been launched for those wishing to help the family who are in desperate needs for funds – mostly to cover the Levaya expenses. The fund is being handled by Misaskim of Los Angeles, and Rabbonim are overseeing it.


YWN World Headquarters – NYC


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