My name is Chaya. I’m 20 years old. My life so far has not been simple. My mom raised me by herself from the time that I was little.

A few years ago, she got sick. My life changed forever when she passed away. I was a young girl left alone with no family in the world. Not even a sibling.

I’ve learned how to be strong. I live a simple life with roommates. Though I miss her every day, life has been almost normal. Until recently, when I Baruch Hashem got engaged.

I got so overwhelmed: How on earth does a person pay for a wedding hall? For a simple dress? For an apartment on her own with dishes, pots, furniture, appliances? My modest salary barely covers my share of rent and basic groceries. If I got married tomorrow, I would not be able to afford a chair to sit on.

Then I realized: family. People get married with help from family. And I have none. My chassan is also an orphan. We thought maybe we should call the whole thing off. This is not the engagement I dreamed of as a little girl.

BUT I WILL NOT GIVE UP! Hashem has given me so much suffering in my life but I know that he loves me, and that I will get married. All I need is some help. That is why I am turning to you.

I know that hachnasas kallah is a big mitzvah. And so I beg you from the depths of my heart: Please help a girl with nothing. Please help me to get married without shame and live in a house with furniture like any other kallah.

I have no family but I have YOU KLAL YISROEL, and I am begging you to hear my cries.

You should be blessed with health for your own family; to marry off your own children in happiness. And you should never know this kind of humiliation.

Chaya Chaim,



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