Daniel Gestler & Rabbi Ovadiah Tank

The American Jewish Committee Global Forum of 2017 in Washington DC was attended by more than 70 countries where Brazil was represented by a large group.

The opening where the importance of not behaving as a minority was discussed.

“We must perceive the Jewish people as a dynamic member of society, to see the State of Israel as a force of Jewish identity, but not as something that defines and limits it, we explore that we can not confuse our Jewish identity, based on values, with Our post-war European heritage and identity. “

Dr. Daniel Gestler, lawyer representing the Brazil-Israel Advocacy Association.

The afternoon ended with a beautiful prayer divided between a Rabbi and an Imam with a message of love. And, as David Harries put it well: it is not a question of tolerance, but of respect.

The evening began with the smashing of Ramadan at the Indonesian embassy, and ended with a rich conversation with Tahera Ahmad, a Muslim descended from Indians and Iraqis, who organized the Islamic youth movement at Chaplain University, sharing their grief at seeing the debate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that is increasingly less rational and more extremist.

“Precisely because they are groups with fewer individuals and therefore with less political representation, I think it is important for leaders to debate to ensure the rights of minorities.”

Rabbi Ovadiah Tank, Foreign Relations of the World Jewish Confederation.



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