The infant that was abandoned near a trash heap on the streets of Netanya two weeks ago, has been given a name and found a new home after its parents were not located.

The infant, who had been brought to the NICU in Laniado hospital in the city and been living there for the past two weeks, has been given to an adoptive family at the behest of the city’s social services department.

The infant was discovered by Lousana Jacobs, a foreign worker from the Philippines. Jacobs found the child wrapped in a blanket wearing only a diaper. Lousan took the child home and called emergency services who brought the child to the hospital.

During the baby’s time at the hospital it was dubbed by the name of Noam by the nursing staff of the NICU. Noam was suffering hypothermia when he arrived at the hospital but is now, thankfully, in stable condition.

In addition to performing the regular procedures and checkups on Noam, the nursing staff cared for the infant with additional love and tenderness.

The Director of Laniado Hospital Nadav Chen said upon Noam’s release from the hospital to the loving arms of his adoptive family the following. “We thank the hundreds of volunteers who approached us in order to offer assistance and support. Our dedicated team gave Noam all of the love, attention and warmth that he required so much. I wish Noam and healthy and happy life with his new family.”


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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